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8 Jun 2018
NEW RELEASE! Memum's "Confidence"!
“Confidence” by Memum is an intimate collection of the first beams of sunlight after a dark winter nestled and still under a wool blanket.
This beautiful album embodies the spirit of ambient composition by taking crystal clear and precise tones and melodies, and setting them into a drift of natural rhythms and textures. More infor >here<.

4 Apr 2018
NEW RELEASE! Dae Kim's "Solace"!
“Solace” is Dae Kim’s journey of fnding his comfort amongst his vagrancy and it has been a rewarding one thus far.
In this 52 reminiscing minutes of music, it stands for something more for the listeners. A time to reflect or a moment of catharsis, it is Dae Kim’s biggest hope for everyone who stumble upon this album to fnd their own solace amidst the pandemonium of our generation. More infor >here<.

18 Sep 2016
NEW RELEASE! Marihiko Hara & Polar M's "Dance"!
Dancing into their exquisite interweaving sounds of post-classical and instrumental pop.
Using their ever delicate sounds, the Kyoto-based duo Marihiko Hara & Polar M graciously illustrated their aesthetic interpretation of “dance”. Preview this gorgeous album, "Dance", >here<.

30 Jul 2016
NEW RELEASE! okamotonoriaki's 3rd album!
"Happy Ending" by okamotonoriaki
Critically acclaimed Tokyo-based audio-visual artist, okamotonoriaki, is back with his long-awaited 3rd solo album - “Happy Ending”, an emotional album that took 3 years to craft, capturing stories and moments about lost and loneliness with his unique style of unconventional pop music. Check out this astonishing album, "Happy Ending", >here<.

17 Aug 2013
Marihiko Hara & Polar M joined mü-nest.
New artists! New special collaboration album!
We are very excited to have Marihiko Hara and Polar M joining our ever-growing artists roster. As a start, these 2 wonderfully gifted artists from Kyoto have jointly produced a stunning new album, with traces of elegant post-classical, sweet-sounding folktronica, dreamy ambient, and blue-ish jazz. Check out this beautiful special collaboration album, "Beyond", >here<.



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