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18 Sep 2016
NEW RELEASE! Marihiko Hara & Polar M's "Dance"!
Dancing into their exquisite interweaving sounds of post-classical and instrumental pop.
Using their ever delicate sounds, the Kyoto-based duo Marihiko Hara & Polar M graciously illustrated their aesthetic interpretation of “dance”. Preview this gorgeous album, "Dance", >here<.

30 Jul 2016
NEW RELEASE! okamotonoriaki's 3rd album!
"Happy Ending" by okamotonoriaki
Critically acclaimed Tokyo-based audio-visual artist, okamotonoriaki, is back with his long-awaited 3rd solo album - “Happy Ending”, an emotional album that took 3 years to craft, capturing stories and moments about lost and loneliness with his unique style of unconventional pop music. Check out this astonishing album, "Happy Ending", >here<.

17 Aug 2013
Marihiko Hara & Polar M joined mü-nest.
New artists! New special collaboration album!
We are very excited to have Marihiko Hara and Polar M joining our ever-growing artists roster. As a start, these 2 wonderfully gifted artists from Kyoto have jointly produced a stunning new album, with traces of elegant post-classical, sweet-sounding folktronica, dreamy ambient, and blue-ish jazz. Check out this beautiful special collaboration album, "Beyond", >here<.

19 Jan 2013
NEW RELEASE! okamotonoriaki's long-awaited 2nd album!
"A Little Planet" by okamotonoriaki
Beautiful piano notes, exquisite melody lines, layer after layer of masterfully crafted beats. Featuring collaboration with Cokiyu, and mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama. Coming out on 24th of Jan, 2013. Check out this wonderfully melodic album >here<.

19 Dec 2012
2012 Top 10 Electronic by A Closer Listen.
"For Your Home Or Office" by Park Avenue Music
"For Your Home Or Office" by Park Avenue Music has been selected as one of the Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2012 by the amazing music webzine A CLoser Listen! Read the full article >here<, and check out this gorgeous album >here<.

1 Aug 2012
The perfect soundtrack to what happens after the sun sinks.
"For Your Home Or Office" by Park Avenue Music
Baths (anticon label): "....a great balance of dense electronic sound and gentle, spacious melody. Park Avenue Music created a beautiful atmosphere on their original tracks...". Reissue of the critically acclaimed album by Park Avenue Music, with gorgeous exclusive remixes. Coming out this summer, on September 6th. Check out this stunning album >here<.

7 July 2011
mü-nest is now part of the NATURE BLISS family!
And we're thrilled of it :D
We are very proud to announce that, mü-nest has joined the amazing NATURE BLISS family from Japan, who operates legendary labels like Plop, Spekk, and many more, and become one of its family labels! All future releases by mü-nest will be carefully handled and published under the NATURE BLISS umbrella. With the strong support from NATURE BLISS, we will be putting out even more beautiful releases for your listening pleasure! So keep the love coming in :) Check out NATURE BLISS >here<.


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